Environmentally Friendly Company

The Onion Skin Journal gives a shit about the environment. We care a WHOLE LOT. Seriously- to be in business at this point- and still messing around with environmentally damaging goods is a serious faux-pas. While, we still have a ways to go to become completely clean- here are some of the ways we have tried to be a socially and environmentally responsible luxury journal business:

*Our paper shipping offsets 100% of the carbon dioxide by purchasing wind power credits for it's distribution center which helps the US to move away from foreign oil while reducing the introduction of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

*We used unbleached reusable fabric bags to package our goods, instead of the throw away plastic polymailers almost everything you buy comes in. 

*We produce almost all our goods in the United States. 

*Our screen printer, and printshop are both local. 

*Most of our office supplies are purchased locally. Keeping things local helps other small business and keeps environmental costs of shipping down. 

*Where we are trying to improve: We want to become completely plastic free. We are using up the last of our mailers and scissor cases. Then we will be purchasing only environmentally shipping materials going forward! 

I am sure there is more we are doing. But it is 6pm, and we need to go home. This is as start. Thanks for caring!


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